Local Health Involvement Groups (LHIGS)

A brand new initiative for Southern Health-Santé Sud

Recent changes to the Regional Health Authorities Act require each health authority to establish Local Health Involvement Groups (LHIGs). These groups will give people from our region an opportunity to explore and discuss a variety of health topics and to provide local input and insights to the Board of Directors.

Be among the first to join our new Local Health Involvement Groups and help contribute your stories and knowledge to build a stronger, more responsive health system in our region. Check out our FAQ section or contact: 
Trish Braun, Community Engagement Facilitator
204-326-6411 ext 2218

Other ways to share your story:

Compliments or complaints about a healthcare experience? 
Southern Health-Santé Sud is committed to hearing from and responding to those who use our services.  You are an active participant in your health care and health care decision-making and we value your feedback. If for any reason you have concerns or wish to share positives about your experience, you are encouraged to talk to your healthcare provider. If you still have more to share, contact us at 1-800-742-6509 or electronically by clicking here.

Local Health Involvement Groups (LHIGS)