Healthy Baby

Healthy Baby

If you’re pregnant, or have a baby under the age of one, you are invited to a Healthy Baby community program. You can:

  • Ask questions about your baby’s development
  • Learn about nutrition and health for you and your family
  • Get parenting tips
  • Do activities with you baby
  • Meet other new parents
  • Receive milk coupons (44 weeks) during pregnancy and until baby is 6 months
  • Enjoy healthy food

The Healthy Baby program also offers the Healthy Baby Prenatal Benefit for families with a household income of less than $32,000/year. It is a financial supplement for women in their second and third trimesters to receive money each month intended to improve access to healthy food. Click here to view a list of communities that offer Healthy Baby groups or for more info. call 204-822-2632 or 204-346-6696.

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For more information regarding Healthy Baby contact:

Regional Manager Public Health-Healthy Living

180 Centennaire Dr
Southport MB  R0H 1N1

T 204-428-2784
F 204-428-2774

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