Indigenous Program

Indigenous Program

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Nindayaamin ji-wiiji’igooyan (Ojibway)
Ounichiya pta ded unyakun pi (Dakota)
Oota dayanaan chi wiichihitaahk
Tammaaniitugut ikayoromaluta

Southern Health-Santé Sud embraces cultural diversity, we value you, we want to work with you, we want to hire you, we want you as our clients, most importantly, we care about you and your family. 

Cultural Competency is a priority in Southern Health-Santé Sud. We recognize that Indigenous peoples bring unique cultural norms and traditions as well as distinctive values and beliefs about health, illness and treatment.

Indigenous Health
Embracing cultural diversity, the region continues to build relationships with First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples, as well as strengthened relationships with internal and external partners. Guided by the Aboriginal Health Services Goals & Objectives, successes have demonstrated increased Aboriginal participation in collaboration, planning, and problem-solving health issues

According to Statistics Canada, over 10.54% of our region is made up of Indigenous peoples, the fastest-growing population in Southern Health-Santé Sud.  We know that fifty per cent of the Indigenous population in Manitoba is under the age of 25 which further emphasizes the need to partner with our Indigenous communities to encourage career options in health care.  Indigenous peoples are an important potential human resource to Southern Health-Santé Sud – this with consideration that the Region could face a 25% workforce turnover in the next five years due to possible retirements and natural attrition.

One in ten residents in Southern Health-Santé Sud identified as Aboriginal in the 2006 Census. Previous research has shown that Indigenous peoples generally have a poorer health status than non-Indigenous peoples. Southern Health-Santé Sud is committed to reducing health outcome disparities and optimizing the health status of Indigenous peoples.

The Indigenous Support Worker Program is one part of an overall strategy that was developed to modify the current health care system to better meet the needs of First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples. The strategy also focuses to decrease any cultural conflict experienced by First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples when accessing healthcare services in Southern Health-Santé Sud.

Indigenous Employment 
In partnership with the Indigenous community and guided by the Indigenous Employment and Development Goals & Objectives, Southern Health-Santé Sud is committed to increasing the representation of Indigenous people within all levels of our workforce.  Indigenous applicants are encouraged to apply. Click here for more information.

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Additional Information

For more information regarding Indigenous Program contact:

Regional Director Indigenous Health

c/o Portage District General Hospital
524 5th St SE 
Portage la Prairie MB 
R1N 3A8


Regional Director - Recruitment and Indigenous Employment

180 Centennaire Drive,
Southport MB   R0H 1N1

T  204-428-2756
F  204-428-2782

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