Spiritual Care

We at RHA Central understand that, for some, spirituality can play an important role in the provision of health care. Accordingly, we have in place a Regional Spiritual Health Care Advisory Committee whose mandate is to assist RHA Central with the development of a regional spiritual health delivery model, based on the Strategic Plan, the development of standards, and facilitating communication regarding spiritual health with communities including local ministerials.

RHA Central is pleased to support the integration of spirituality into the health care system through the development of consistent standards, by recommending educational opportunities such as the Clinical Pastoral Education Program (see below) and by seeking to maintain a highly professional level of spiritual care.

RHA Central is also pleased to support National Spiritual Care Week:

October 23-29, 2011
Theme: Shared Voice

Other resources:
Clinical Pastoral Education Program

Provincial Spiritual Health

For more information regarding Spiritual Care contact:

Mrs. Jane Saunders, Executive Assistant
T 204 428-2761

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