Audiology include assessment, intervention, education and advocacy related to:

  • hearing disorders in infants, children and adults
  • amplification such as hearing aids and other assistive listening devices
  • tinnitus (noise or ringing in the ears)
  • auditory processing disorders (issues with how the brain processes sound)
  • hyperacusis and misophonia (sensitivities to particular sounds)
  • balance disorders including dizziness or vertigo caused by Ménières disease, ear infections and trauma to the skull

auditory boy listening headphonesWithin Southern Health-Santé Sud, audiologists provide assessment, diagnostic and educational services. We also provide fitting of amplification devices for children.

Services are based out of the following sites:

  • Boundary Trails Health Centre in Morden/Winkler
  • Community Health Services Building in Steinbach (365 Reimer Avenue)
  • Provincial Building in Portage la Prairie (25 Tupper N.)

Audiology services received through Southern Health-Santé Sud are covered by the Province. Many extended health plans, Worker's Compensation and the Department of Veterans Affairs cover adult audiology services at private clinics. Registration and licensing occurs through the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Manitoba.

For further information to access services call:

Bethesda Regional Health Centre

Boundary Trails Health Centre

Portage District General Hospital