Call to Action - October 18, 2021 - COVID-19 Vaccination Status: Students/Clinical Placements, Change in Public Health Guidance: COVID-19 Recovered Status, Staff Booster Session: Hard Conversations: Talking about COVID-19 & Vaccines with Family and Friend

COVID-19 Vaccination Status - Students/Clinical Placements

Effective October 18, 2021, in order to be at work, all direct care workers are required to have provided proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or to participate in regular COVID-19 rapid testing. This includes students participating in clinical placements where they have direct contact with patients, residents or clients. A memo with more details is available.

Leads/Directors (or delegates) review and share accordingly. 

Change in Public Health Guidance - COVID-19 Recovered Status

Updated Public Health Guidance has resulted in a change to the treatment of individuals identified as COVID-19 Recovered. 

Effective immediately, patients/residents/clients who have been diagnosed with – and who have recovered from – COVID-19 are to be considered COVID-19 Recovered for a period of six (6) months (180 days) from the infection after their first positive test.

For these individuals, unless they present with respiratory symptoms or any other constellation of symptoms that raise concern about COVID-19, COVID-19 testing is not required and the individuals may be classified as “Green”.

A memo with more details is available.

Leads/Directors (or delegates) review and share accordingly. 

Staff Booster Session - Hard Conversations: Talking about COVID-19 & Vaccines with Family and Friends

COVID-19 has challenged health system workers to change how we conduct ourselves in the workplace, our homes and our social connections. These changes can sometimes feel overwhelming.

To support health system workers, Shared Health and our Psychological Health & Safety Committee partners have brought together skilled trainers from across the province to facilitate a number of Staff Booster Sessions.

The Staff Booster Sessions are short, timely, and relevant presentations designed to fit into busy schedules. Between 15 and 20 minutes in length, topics will include stress management, self-care and dealing with uncertainty. Booster Sessions will be recorded and made available as a streaming video on demand.

New Staff Booster Sessions begin shortly – register now!

Session Dates:

Session Description:

The time of COVID has brought significant challenges and required heroic measures from many people across the health-care system. These efforts have brought us to where we are today, with a safe, effective vaccine. Despite this, health-care workers now find themselves fighting a battle on two fronts – trying to save lives threatened by COVID-19 and having hard conversations with family and friends about COVID-19 and vaccines. Recent public protests have created additional stress and strain on health-care workers.

What are we to do when we find ourselves at odds with those we care about on an issue of life and death?

In this session, participants will hear practical tips on navigating those hard conversations, as well as how to take steps to keep relationships intact despite our differences whenever possible.

Leads/Directors (or delegates) review and share the printable memo with staff.

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