Call to Action - September 2, 2021 - N95 Fit Testing

N95 Fit Testing

As a result of the recent recommendation by Health Canada (August 28th) to discontinue use of the Dasheng respirators in settings that require NIOSH certification, there will be an increased need for N95 fit testing to ensure Southern Health-Santé Sud employees have adequate PPE and an alternate option for respiratory protection.

There will be a significant increase in fit testing opportunities offered over the next while in order to accommodate the increased need.  A majority of dates will be scheduled at the three regional centres, but testing will also be available at alternate sites as resources are available.  Dates and locations for testing, as well as contacts for booking, will be posted on the HPS here.

A list of staff impacted will be available and provided to site/program leads, and fit testing should be prioritized based on need.  Individuals who have already been fit tested for another approved respirator should be instructed to use the other approved respirator for which they have been successfully fit tested. Individuals who have only been fit tested for Dasheng respirators will be fit test as quickly as possible for an approved respirator. In the interim these individuals will be given Dasheng respirators which come from lots that have been tested and confirmed to meet all appropriate standards.

Should you have any questions regarding the process, please contact Dean Forster, Manager – Occupational Safety & Health.

Leads/Directors (or delegates) review and share accordingly.

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