A Message of Hope Shines through Challenging Times

“These unprecedented times of COVID-19 are challenging for us all – but they have also brought out the best in the community as we witness many acts of kindness,” shares Southern Health-Santé Sud CEO Jane Curtis. “Every day, we are humbled with the outpouring of community support. Friends, family, and community members all over the region are continuously encouraging health care workers at the forefront of the health care system.”

These moments of gratitude follow on the heels of recent donations that have allowed the purchase of electronic devices. This donation of electronic devices will complement existing resources and Wi-Fi installed in many of our health care facilities so that those in our care can stay connected with their loved ones.

This is just one example …

Gestures of positivity range from community members building snowmen outside of residents’ windows at a personal care home to donations of hair bands to relieve the impact caused by extended wear of facemasks. They also include the donation of insoles to soften the steps of health care providers who walk many kilometres throughout the course of a day… and let’s not forget about the drive-by parades and food/beverage* deliveries across the region that have resulted in miles of smiles. Such acts of kindness and many more have pulled on the heartstrings of Southern Health-Santé Sud health care providers. 

“These donations are multi-faceted and spread across the geography of our region”, adds Curtis.  “Community partners, businesses, and individuals have and continue to make important contributions – and for that we are thankful. Indeed, simple acts of kindness can brighten someone’s day or make a difference in their life.”

Southern Health-Santé Sud adds that gratitude of this magnitude would be remiss without thanking all residents of Southern Health-Santé Sud and Manitobans for their extraordinary efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 by following public health orders and recommendations. At the moment, it appears that the active caseload and curve have levelled off. This message validates the Province’s health planning work that has allowed hope to shine through and reward Manitobans who have responded to the collective call to action.

*Infection prevention and control guidelines for external food deliveries require that:  (a) Packaged food must allow for cleaning/disinfection upon arrival (e.g. plastic container). No cardboard boxes or Styrofoam will be permitted. (b) Sites must be called prior to delivery. (c) Deliveries should be placed at the entrance and social distancing must be maintained at the hand off. (d) Prior to receipt of delivery, staff must perform hand hygiene. (e) Staff will remove food from outer transport container/warmer/bag and will dispose or return to the delivery person as appropriate.