Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors February 2020 Meeting Highlights

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Sacred Moment
Ms. Ramona Coey shared part of a TED Talk video delivered by Chris Cummins, a gifted public speaker who has had a positive impact on Coey’s life. In the video, Cummins speaks to the ripple effects of a small positive act that has the power to gain momentum and touch many lives. Cummins said that a negative act propagates the same way and he challenged the audience to consider that acts of kindness help others to believe in themselves.   

Quality & Patient Safety Committee of the Whole
Ms. Jolene Dayholos provided a Disaster Management, Quality, Patient Safety & Risk update on the outcomes and next steps following the winter storm that struck southern Manitoba in October 2019.

Finance Committee of the Whole
The Board of Directors reviewed the Statement of Operations and Financial Position, as presented by the Southern Health-Santé Sud CEO/VP – Finance & Planning, for the period to January 31, 2020, which indicates a year-to-date operating surplus of $4.39 million.

Community Health Assessment
Ms. Janique Fortier, Decision Support Analyst, Planning & Evaluation presented key findings from the 2019 Community Health Assessment Report. Fortier highlighted that data from the Community Health Assessment can be used to enrich community discussions on areas of focus. These findings can also inform strategic planning at Southern Health-Santé Sud.  


The next regular Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors Meeting is planned for Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at the Boundary Trails Health Centre. For more information, please visit Board Meetings.