Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors January 2020 Meeting Highlights

Sacred Moment
Mr. Konrad Narth shared a story about a boy who came across a sign that said, “Puppies for Sale.” The boy was interested in a puppy with a missing hip socket. The store owner urged against the puppy, but offered it to the boy for free. The offer offended the boy as he felt the puppy was worth just as much as all the other puppies. The store owner pressed the boy about his choice. The boy said that the puppy would need someone that understands. Then, the boy revealed his own leg, which was crippled and supported with a brace. 

Quality & Patient Safety Committee of the Whole
Ms. Kristine Hannah, Regional Director – Quality, Patient Safety & Risk presented an educational module focused on the Governing Body Role in Quality, Patient Safety & Risk. This was the first of several modules that will be presented to the Board over the next year. The topics for these modules are largely based on drivers from the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. They address the Board’s request to increase education quality and safety to gain a deeper understanding of Accreditation Canada Standards.

Finance Committee of the Whole
The Board of Directors reviewed the Statement of Operations and Financial Position, as presented by the Southern Health-Santé Sud CEO and VP – Finance & Planning, for the period to December 31, 2019, which indicates a year-to-date operating surplus of $3.66 million.

Tour of Portage District General Hospital
The Board of Directors received a full tour of the Portage District General Hospital led by Karen Yanchycki, Director of Health Services – Portage District General Hospital. 

Board Monitoring
The Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors reviewed the October Governance Dashboard Report for the Board END, “Design programs and services for better access and optimal service delivery.”

The next regular Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors Meeting is planned for Tuesday, February 25, 2020 – Regional Office-La Broquerie. For more information, please visit Board Meetings.