Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors September 2016 Meeting Highlights

Sacred Moment:  At a Board workshop on People-Centredness, it was decided that, at the start of each regular day of Board meetings, the Board would take a moment to pause and reflect on its mission and on the people it serves throughout the region. The intent is to stop and to look at the consequences whenever changes or decisions are made about health care services or programs, creating awareness of how it affects the people whom that service or program was made for in the first place.

Mr. Daren Van Den Bussche reflected on his time as a Board Member from the perspective of the following quote: “In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision”. Dalai Lama.

Despite many changes over the years, the RHA Board and staff have remained dedicated to a positive vision and have set the organization in a positive direction.

Financial:  The Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors approved the report of Statement of Operations and Financial Position, as presented by the Southern Health-Santé Sud CEO, Kathy McPhail, and Ken Klassen, VP - Finance & Capital Planning for the period to August 31, 2016, indicating a Year-to-Date Operating deficit of $374,423.

National Spiritual Care Week – October 16 - 23, 2016:  The Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors moved to formally recognize Spiritual Care Week October 16 - 23, 2016 and extends thanks to the health care providers who seek to be present, mindful, compassionate and attuned to clients and colleagues alike, knowing that their intentions and actions have a ripple effect on the lives of others and themselves.

2015-2016 Annual Report:  The Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors approved the 2015-2016 Annual Report. In accordance with The Regional Health Authorities Act, the 2015-2016 Annual Report is submitted to Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living. For more details, the public is invited to view the Annual Report online at

Local Health Involvement Group (LHIG):  The LHIG structure in Southern Health-Santé Sud was formalized with a government announcement in the fall of 2014. The establishment of the regional groups took place throughout 2015 with meetings starting mostly in the fall months of 2015.  The first formal year of the LHIGs was a developmental year with lots of growth and opportunities for improvement. For more details, the public is invited to view the evaluation report covering LHIG activities from September 2015 to June 2016 online at

The next regular Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors Meeting is planned for Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at the Boundary Trails Health Centre – Winkler/Morden. For more information, please visit

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