Older adult meeting with female case coordinatorOnce you have decided that you need assistance with health care needs, contact your local home care office. You will be assigned a case coordinator who will help determine your personal care needs by conducting a thorough assessment. This assessment will inform whether home care options including various supports in the community or admission to a personal care home is more appropriate. Please advise your case coordinator if you are a veteran as there may be benefits available including priority admission and financial compensation.

Application Process

Once it has been determined that admission to a personal care home is appropriate for you, you and/or your substitute decision-maker will need to complete an application form. This process will include questions regarding your current medical information, a brief history of your life and your preferred choice of personal care home. When choosing a personal care home within Southern Health-Santé Sud, you will be required to choose a first choice personal care home. You may identify a second choice personal care home. Know that you are most welcome to contact us. if you or your substitute decision-maker would like to visit any of our personal care homes prior to making your choice. Note that it is important that you do not give up your current home until you have moved into a personal care home.

What to Expect after my Application Submission

Once your application has been completed, your case coordinator or hospital discharge coordinator will present your application to the regional Long Term Care Panel (Panel). The Panel meets twice monthly and is made up of professionals (nurses, social workers, home care managers and personal care home managers). You and/or your substitute decision-maker are welcome to attend this meeting if you wish. (Ask your case coordinator or hospital discharge coordinator to make these arrangements.) Following the meeting where your application is reviewed, you will be notified of the Panel’s decision by letter, for example:

Application Accepted by the Panel - If it is determined that you meet the eligibility criteria and the type and level of care provided in a personal care home, your application will be forwarded to your chosen personal care homes. Upon receipt, each personal care home will review your application and may contact you or your substitute decision-maker to discuss further details. If it is determined that the personal care home is able to meet your personal care needs, you will be placed on their waiting list for admission and advised accordingly. Only your first choice personal care home will contact you.

Application Not Accepted by the Panel - It may determine that you do not meet the eligibility requirements or you do not need the type and level of care provided in a personal care home. The Panel will make recommendations and your case coordinator or discharge coordinator will meet with you regarding your ongoing care plan and help determine next steps.