The Healthy Communities Conferences provide a forum for people from all walks of life to exchange information, learn and share with each other and enjoy networking opportunities. Held annually, the goal of this conference is to strengthen collective efforts in Southern Health-Santé Sud communities.

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The next conference will be held in April, 2018

For more information on this conference, call a Healthy Living Facilitator at 204-823-2762.

2017 Healthy Communities Conference

Building Capacity to Navigate Life’s Stages, Transitions & Curveballs

The conference held in Winkler, heard the latest Manitoba Health Status Update and engaged with keynote speaker, Sherry Campbell, and other experts in the field about strategies to build resiliency in your own life and resources for each life stage through presentations (see right-hand sidebar below) and concurrent workshops

two women talking at the conference

April 19, 2017 in Winkler Manitoba.