Requests to support national, provincial and community events are prioritized to ensure a minimal amount of resources to provide primary and core Emergency Medical Services.

National & Provincial Events

Southern Health-Santé Sud strives to provide coverage at national and provincial events dependent on available resources. There may be a cost for this service.

Community Events

Requests for EMS participation in events such as Teddy Bear picnics, blood pressure clinics, day cares, schools, EMS tours, may or may not be approved within the following conditions:

  • additional EMS resources are not required
  • participation of EMS is dependent on the location of the event and proximity to the station (requests outside of the radius are denied based on response times for primary and core EMS)
  • the community is aware and accepts that the request for EMS participation is approved with the disclaimer that ambulance and staff are not guaranteed to attend or remain at the event
  • If approved, there are no costs for EMS participation in these type of community events.

Requests for EMS participation in community activities/events that require standby EMS per contractual agreements between the community and the special event organization (such as for risk-related activities/events including but not limited to rodeos, motocross events, etc.) are not supported by Southern Health-Santé Sud EMS. For such requests, the community is provided with alternate private resources to pursue.

Community Fundraising Activities

Requests for EMS participation in fundraising activities are approved by the EMS Management Team dependent on the community fundraising activity and alignment.