Our commitment to your privacy and confidentiality!

Protecting Your Health Information

At Southern Health-Santé Sud, we recognize that the personal health information of our clients has been entrusted to us and must be protected. We are required to protect the accuracy, integrity, and security of all health information and are required to sign a Pledge of Confidentiality. We have developed policies and procedures for the protection of health information and provide ongoing training to employees and others associated with Southern Health-Santé Sud.

Privacy Notice

Privacy of your personal and personal health information will be protected within Southern Health-Santé Sud in keeping with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Personal Health Information Act of Manitoba.

When we collect information from you we will:

  • only collect information that we need to provide you with our services
  • ensure the information is accurate
  • keep your information secure and private
  • only use your personal and personal health information for
    • your access to our services
    • evaluation of Southern Health-Santé Sud programs and payments for programs
    • approved research and planning related to Southern Health-Santé Sud programs
    • other uses authorized by law
  • give you access to your own records and, if requested, make copies of them at a reasonable cost
  • only share your information with other health care providers or health care institutions to the extent necessary to provide you with proper health care
  • ask your permission to share your health information if required for other purposes unless we are required to provide the information for legal reasons

For More Information

Each Southern Health-Santé Sud site or service has a designated Privacy Officer who is responsible for dealing with requests from individuals who wish to examine and/or copy their health information. For more information on privacy or access to records, please review our frequently asked questions on Your Rights and Access to Health Information pages or contact a Southern Health-Santé Sud Privacy Officer. If you are not satisfied with how your information has been handled, please contact the Regional Officer - Privacy & Access. In addition, you have the right to file a complaint with the Manitoba Ombudsman’s Office by calling 800-665-0531.