With regards to your health information, you have the right to:

  • see and get a copy of your personal health information with limited exceptions. Under the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA); if you request information about the care you are currently receiving, you have the right to:
    • see the information no later than 24 hours after requesting it if you are an patient in a hospital, or
    • see and get a copy of it no later than 72 hours after requesting it if you are a resident in a personal care home, outpatient or receiving health care in Southern Health-Santé Sud
  • name another person, such as a family member to access your personal health information on your behalf
  • ask us to make corrections to inaccurate or incomplete personal health information

Who else can see my information?

Unless you ask us not to, Southern Health-Santé Sud may:

  • share your general health status and location in our facility with your family, friends and others on request
  • share your name and address with charitable fundraising foundation associated with our organization
  • share your personal health information with any health care provider who has, is or will be providing you with health care (members of your health care team are only allowed to access the information they need to give you the care you need)

If you tell us not to share your information with a health care provider, we will not share your information unless permitted or required to do so by law.

Please advise a health care provider if you do not want your information shared with a family member, friend, religious or fundraising organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Southern Health-Santé Sud use my health information for?

Southern Health-Santé Sud uses your information to provide care to you, for evaluation and planning of our services and programs, research, teaching, statistics and to meet legal and regulatory requirements. We will only use your information where it is authorized by law and use is limited to the minimum amount necessary.

Does Southern Health-Santé Sud share my information with anyone outside the region?

Southern Health-Santé Sud is required to provide information to various departments of Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living, Vital Statistics and the Canadian Institute for Health Information. Only the minimum amount of information required is shared and in some cases, your identifying information is removed. Safeguards are in place to protect the confidentiality and security of your information.

Will Southern Health-Santé Sud share my health information to any outside company or my employer?

We need your consent or a court order prior to releasing information to any organization or person not directly involved in your treatment/care or payment for health care. We will ensure that only the information you have authorized is released.

Can I access my health information?

You have the right to access your personal health information and we have an obligation to make it available to you with limited exceptions. An exception may include protecting the identity of a third person. Southern Health-Santé Sud may choose not to give you access to part of or all of your information and will provide you with a reason if access is refused. Please click Access to Health Information on how to make a request.

Can my family see my health information?

Your right to access your health information does not automatically extend to your family members and/or friends. If you consent to let a friend/family member see your health record, then the friend/family member may access the part(s) that you have consented to let them view.

What if I am unable to give consent?

If you are unable to give consent for a friend/family member to access your health information due to reasons of competency or consciousness, the consent decision will be appointed to an Alternate Decision-maker who can act on your behalf. This person may be a proxy named in a Health Care Directive, a spouse or a parent, or another person designated to act on your behalf. The person who will act on your behalf must make decisions based on their belief of what you would wish done if you were able to decide.

Can Southern Health-Santé Sud employees access my health record?

Access to your health information is only allowed where the employee requires the information to provide treatment or care to you or as a requirement as part of their job. For example, some information is taken from your health record, for statistical purposes and sent to Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living. All employees are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement which is signed as a condition of employment. This agreement requires Southern Health-Santé Sud employees only access information on a need-to-know basis.

Can my family physician access my Southern Health-Santé Sud health information?

We release information to your family physician so that they may continue to provide health care to you.

When I called the hospital to see how my family member is doing, the employee could not describe what the problem with my family member was or their condition. Why is that?

When you call, employees may have no way to verify that you are who you say you are. Therefore, in order to protect the privacy of the patient or resident, only a minimal amount of information is given out over the phone. Employees will not release any information if your family/friend has requested that no information be released.

Many areas of the health centre are open and I can sometimes overhear employees talking to patients or family about health information? Is that a breach of patient privacy?

There are situations where the location or circumstances make it difficult for employees to have a private conversation. All employees make every effort to discuss health information privately. Should you overhear information about one of our patients, please respect their privacy and do not repeat this information.

How long is my health record stored?

Southern Health-Santé Sud records are retained for various time periods that are determined by the type of program, Southern Health-Santé Sud policy and applicable law.

More Questions?

If you have any questions regarding your health information, contact our Regional Officer - Privacy & Access,  204-822-2655 or email