Point of Care Risk Assessment
  • COVID-19 Point of Care Risk Assessment Tool, click here (revised: July 16)
  • Mask or N95 - Point of Care Risk Assessment Poster, click here (added: Feb 24)

Guidance for Personal Protective Equipment, click here (revised: December 10)

Provincial Requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

 Acute and Sub-Acute Care (rev: March 17)


Other Resources
  • Appropriate PPE for Health Care Workers Poster, click here (added November 26)
  • PPE Compliance - Manager and Leader Guide, click here (rev: March 15)
  • Tips for Extended PPE Use, click here (rev: March 15)
  • PPE Requirement Scenarios for Direct Patient Care, click here (rev: March 15)
  • Supply Management and Stewardship Planning and Guidance Framework, click here (rev: March 15)
  • Full Face Shields - Cleaning, Disinfection and Storage, click here (rev: Jan 13)
  • Eye Protection Cleaning Instructions, click here (revised: Feb 24)
  • Eye Protection Collection Guidelines, click here (revised: November 26)
  • Discontinue Collecting N95 Masks, click here (revised: January 25)
  • Standard Operating Procedure: Reprocessed N95s, click here (released: January 25)
  • N95 Fit Testing Priorities, click here (revised: March 12)
  • Memo - Dasheng DTC3Z Disposable N95 Respirators, click here (released: January 29)
  • Disposable N95 Respirators in Use in Manitoba Health Care Settings, click here (released: January 29)
  • SH-SS N95 Fit Testing Priorities, click here (revised: Feb 3) 
  • SH-SS Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) information, click here (revised: February 8)
  • Donning and Doffing - Memo, click here (revised: March 16) 
  • Appropriate Stock, Storage and Use of Unit Supplies including Personal Protective Equipment, click here (revised: March 19)
  • Hand Sanitizer information, click here (revised: June 18)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (revised: April 10)
  • PPE Supply Management in Surgery, click here (revised: April 22)
  • Personal Protective Clothing - Putting it on in 5 Easy Steps, click here (revised: February 27)
  • Personal Protective Clothing - Taking it off in 6 Easy Steps, click here (revised: February 27)
  • Ear Guards - Supply, Disinfection and Reuse, click here (revised: December 24)
  • Reuse of Elastomeric (half mask) respirators, click here (revised: January 4)
  • Clean Shaven Requirements N95 Respirators, click here (added: January 18)
  • COVID-19 PPE Compliance - Guide to Supporting PPE Use for Healthcare Leaders and Teams, click here (rev: March 15)
  • Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) Reusable Wipe System, click here (revised: Sept 11) - Note - we are not currently using the Dry wipes in Southern Health-Santé Sud.
Precision AIR Masks Resources
  • Precision AIR Respirator Assembly, Donning and Doffing Standard Operating Procedure, click here
  • Precision AIR Mask Donning Poster, click here
  • Precision AIR Mask Doffing Poster, click here
Skin Injuries Related to Personal Protective Equipment
Student Fit Testing
Education Resources