Call to Action - February 17, 2021 - Variants of Concern, Alternative Isolation Accommodation

COVID-19 Variants of Concern

A memo has been released regarding COVID-19 variants.  Leads (or delegates) review and share with all staff.

Alternative Isolation Accommodation

For people who are wanting or needing to isolate, who are not able to do so within their current living situation and who are willing to isolate at a site, we can refer them to one of the Alternate Isolation Accommodations (AIA) available in the province.

There are three types of AIAs in Winnipeg, in Interlake Eastern RHA and in Brandon.  This document describes the AIA in order that we should refer individuals if they meet the criteria of that AIA. 

If there are any questions on the different AIAs or have any concerns or issues, sites are to contact Jolene Dayholos, AIA lead for Southern Health-Santé Sud at 204-712-6009.

Leads (or delegates) review and share accordingly. 

Info Sharing

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