Call to Action - January 29, 2021 - Updated Screening Tools, Coping During a Pandemic: Video Staff Booster Session

Updated Screening Tools

Several documents have been updated relating to the changes to the Public Health Orders. Leads (or delegates) review all the updates and implement accordingly.

Coping During a Pandemic: Video Staff Booster Session

COVID-19 has challenged health system workers to change how we conduct ourselves in the workplace, our homes and our social connections. These changes can sometimes feel overwhelming.

To support health system workers, Shared Health and our Psychological Health & Safety Committee partners have brought together skilled trainers from across the province to facilitate a number of Staff Booster Sessions.

Session Description:

With some self-care opportunities not readily available to us, we may be leaning towards different ways of coping. Substance use trends are on the rise. Gaming systems sell out in minutes. Television binge watching marathons are the new norm. Door to door delivery people greet us by name. This presentation will focus on healthy coping with an emphasis on allowing ourselves grace and patience as we live through a pandemic.


Leads (or delegates) share link with staff.

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