Current Resources for Health Providers

Please ensure that you remain informed by reviewing all information that is shared and implement Calls to Actions as applicable. Click here for regional COVID-19 All-Staff Updates.

COVID-19 On-Call Numbers

COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Criteria

Guidelines and Quick References Across Care Areas

  • Point of Entry Screening Resources, click here (latest update: March 15)
  • Medical Masks Script, click here (added: March 31)
  • Infection Prevention & Control Weekend Coverage, click here (latest update: August 19)
  • Updated Testing Criteria and introduction of self-referral, click here (revised: May 13)
  • Asymptomatic Surveillance: Frequently Asked Questions (revised: June 12)
  • Update - COVID-19 Symptoms - Diarrhea, click here (revised: October 29)
  • IP&C Guidance COVID-19 (Red) Recovered Patients / Residents / Clients, click here (added: February 19)
  • Guidance and Screening Tool for Management of Home Visits, click here (revised: March 15)
  • What Questions to Ask Patients: Guidance for physicians and staff,  click here (revised: January 29)
  • Designated Testing Locations - protocols for Primary Care Providers, click here (revised: September 10)
  • Checklists for Clinics, click here (revised: March 19)
  • Primary Care Providers in Community, click here (revised: January 29)
  • Essential Travelers and Primary Care Services, click here (revised: March 4)
  • Primary Care Pathways - Orange, click here (revised: January 29)
  • Guidance on outpatient, primary care, specialty and other treatment clinic services, click here (revised: August 21)
  • Guidance for Primary Care Clinics During Heightened Restrictions, click here (revised: February 26)
  • Out-of-province referrals and patient isolation requirements, click here (revised: February 8)
  • Specific Disease Protocol, click here (revised: February 22)
  • COVID-19 Highlights - Provincial, click here (revised: February 18)
  • Information for Home Health Care Providers, click here (revised: March 3)
  • Provincial Guidance on COVID-19 suspect and positive Obstetrical Patients and their Newborn, click here (revised: February 4)
  • Provincial Guidance on Universal Precautions and Provisions for Obstetrical Care, click here (revised: February 4)
  • Provincial Obstetric Anesthesia Guidelines for Pregnant Women, click here (revised: March 3)
  • Pregnant Patients Requiring Transfer to Tertiary Care, click here (released: January 18)
  • COVID-19 Postpartum Care At Home (English and French) (revised: March 3)
  • Provincial Guidance on Non-Invasive Cardiac Intervention, click here (revised: March 25)
  • Guidance on PPE for Intubation and other Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures, click here (revised: July 14)
  • Guidance on Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures, click here (revised: February 23)
  • PPE Guidance for Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures - PCH/TCC and Community, click here (revised: January 15)
  • AGMP and Duration of Validity of a Negative COVID-19 Test Rule - "Same Day, Next Day" AGMP Rule, click here (revised: February 23)
  • Quick Reference Guide - Testing and Clearance - Acute, PCH, Home Care, click here (revised: October 29)
  • Terminal (Discharge) Cleaning / Disinfection for COVID-19 Suspect or Confirmed Isolation Rooms, click here (rev: November 9)
  • Resident and Patient Transport, click here  Handout for Drivers and Assistants, click here (revised: July 10)
  • Physical Distancing and Restoring Services at Health Facilities, click here (June 23), Physical Distancing Audit Tool, click here (June 23)
  • Guideline on Physical Distancing in Staff and Common Areas, click here, poster, click here (revised: Oct 13)
  • Updated Guidance for Individuals Awaiting Results, click here (revised: October 30)
  • Streamlining Medication Use During COVID-19, click here (revised: November 9)
  • Notification COVID-19 Discharge or Death Form, click here (rev: Jan 25)
  • Occurrence Report Template - Staff Positive COVID-19 Results, click here (released: December 14)
  • COVID-19 and PHIA related disclosure, click here (released: Nov 30)
  • Standard Operating Procedure - Applying a Shroud (COVID-19 suspect or positive), click here (released: Dec 7)
  • Compassionate Virtual Communication with Patient/Family Loved ones- click here, guide - click here (added: December 24) 
  • Digital Health Virtual Care Matrix, click here (rev: March 23)

Specialty Care Area Resources

  • Acute and Surgical Resources, click here (latest update: March 29)
  • Personal Care Home/Transitional Care Centres Resources, click here (latest update: April 9)
  • Public Health Resources, click here (latest update: April 6)
  • COVID-19 Posters, click here (latest update: April 8)
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Resources, click here (latest update: April 8)

Resources for Staff Health and Safety

  • Personal Protective Equipment, click here (latest update: March 31)
  • Non-Medical Masks, click here (latest update: March 15)
  • Nasopharyngeal Swab - Standard Operating Procedure and video (revised: November 25 and  March 19)
  • Routine Practices, click here (revised: March 18)
  • Mental Health Resources, click here (latest update: March 3)
  • COVID-19 Ethical Decision Making Resources, click here (added: December 18)
  • Social distancing: what does it mean for volunteers, staff, patients and visitors, click here (revised: March 13)
  • Health-Links Info Santé Online Screening Tool, click here
  • COVID-19 Contact Tracing for Health Care Workers, click here (revised: October 23)
  • Employment Insurance Sick Benefits Eligibility, click here (revised: March 28)
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Non-Essential Travel for Health-Care Workers, click here (revised: March 5)
  • Management of Staff Food and Beverages in Health Care Environments during COVID-19, click here (revised: Dec 8)

Resources for Managers

  • COVID-19 Finance and Payroll, click here (revised: March 18)
  • Restoring Safe Services - Pandemic Response System, click here (revised: January 7)
  • Guideline for resumption of learner clinical placements, click here (revised: July 10)
  • Request for Family Status Accommodation Related to Childcare Obligations - COVID-19, click here (revised: September 11)
  • Return to Work - Low-Risk COVID-19 Exposure and Contact Tracing, click here (revised: October 23)


  • Suppliers and Facility Business Visits, click here (revised: July 9)

Call to Action - December 23, 2020 - Thank You, Good Job - A Tribute to Manitoba Health Care Workers

Call to Action - December 22, 2020 - Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (Case Definition & Reporting), AGMP Clarification Green Zone

Call to Action - December 17, 2020 - COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility and Immunosuppressed Pathway

Call to Action - December 16, 2020 - Taking Action, Moving Towards Change: Coping During a Pandemic

Call to Action - December 15, 2020 - COVID-19 Primary Care Pathways

Call to Action - December 11, 2020 - Accelerated Fit Testing Update, Public Health Agency of Canada Vaccine Survey and Webinar and Occurrence Report changes for COVID-19 Positive Residents, In-patients and Staff

Call to Action - December 9, 2020 - Expedited COVID-19 Testing Pathway, Caregiving During the Pandemic Staff Booster Sessions

Call to Action - December 7, 2020 - PPE Guidance, Holiday Decorating Guideline, Team Based Model of Care FAQ

Call to Action - December 4, 2020 - Administrative Staff Request N95 Fit Testing Data Entry

Call to Action - December 2, 2020 - COVID-19 and PHIA related disclosure, COVID-19 Screening Directions, COVID-19 Automatic Contact Tracing Follow-up

Call to Action - November 26, 2020 - Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment Poster

Call to Action - November, 24, 2020 - Respirator / N95 Mask Fit Testing

Call to Action - November 23, 2020 - PCH Rapid Response Team Expression of Interest, Registration Requirements Flexibility, Tips to Reduce Leaking COVID-19 Specimens

Call to Action - November 18, 2020 - Occupational Health Screening

Call to Action - November 13, 2020 - Tehcnologist Choice Mask Recall, PCH Visitation Shelter Video Guide