Identify your Home Clinic

Primary care is your first point of contact with the health care system. Whether it is to receive preventative care (such as check-ups), treatment for minor ailments (such as an ear infection), or to manage ongoing health problems and conditions (such as diabetes), primary care is your home base within the health care system.

Primary care clinics work to coordinate and manage our patient's care regardless of where they receive health services. Patients are being asked to choose one main primary health care provider.

Choosing your main provider

Confirming who you choose to be your main primary care provider will assist in ensuring you have consistent and reliable care and also help to direct your health care information within the system more effectively. It will not prevent you from visiting other primary care providers (for example: a walk-in clinic or QuickCare Clinic), but it will help ensure that your main primary care provider is aware of ongoing conditions, medications and treatment and can better manage your overall health needs.

Helping you stay healthy

Your main primary care provider will help you stay healthy by:

  • conducting your regular physical exams;
  • caring for most of your common illnesses;
  • knowing and monitoring some of your health risks;
  • making referrals to other health care providers as needed;
  • receiving and managing information about your interactions/consultations within the system; and
  • acting as a home base for you and the health care system.

Keeping your information accurate

To ensure our records are accurate, we kindly ask you to confirm the name of your main primary health care provider (family physician/nurse practitioner/physician assistant) with your clinic. Accurate information is important to helping you stay healthy.

Thank you for taking the time to confirm our role in your health care!

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