Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors December 2018 Meeting Highlights

Sacred Moment
Ms. Terrie Porter shared a YouTube video illustrating how change is inevitable and, for the most part, is outside of our control e.g. natural disasters, environment and our own physical being. Acknowledging that for some change can be a terrifying experience, it is in accepting change as a part of life and learning to manage and deal with it that we become happier living in the present and are better prepared to focus on the future.

It is said that the present is a gift to us and that is why it’s called the present!

Finance & Planning
Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors approves the report of Statement of Operations and Financial Position, as presented by the Southern Health-Santé Sud CEO/VP - Finance & Planning, for the period to November 30, 2018, which indicates a Year-to-Date Operating surplus of $5,802,168.  The surplus represents 2.5% of Southern Health-Santé Sud’s budget.

Board Education

  • Governance 101 Presentation: The Board Chair and Regional Manager – Planning & Engagement led the Board in considering its role & responsibilities, the structure within which it governs and its relationship to the organization.
  • Crown Services Secretariat Sessions - Risk Oversight; Board Evaluation: The Board Chair and Vice-Chair each attended these sessions and confirmed that each session had been extremely well prepared/delivered, providing clear information/explanations.
  • Indigenous Online Cultural Training Course: Ms. Debbie Iverson shared that she has just completed the online course and found it extremely informative and helpful to the role as board member.
  • Accreditation Canada Governance Standard 1.3 Ethical Framework: In preparation for the Accreditation Survey On-site Visit in May 2019, the Board considered Governance Standard 1.3 and worked through a scenario using its policies and Ethical Framework Tool.

2018 Indigenous Adult Health Internship Program - Graduation
Two Board Members, Elin Czeranko and Debbie Iverson, joined the CEO in attending the graduation ceremony held in Portage la Prairie on Friday December 14, 2018.

17 students graduated this year, of whom at least five have been offered employment with Southern Health-Santé Sud. The Board echoed the celebratory sentiments that had been expressed on the day.

Health Standards Organization Leading Practice
Southern Health-Santé Sud’s submission: ‘Designated Bilingual Positions – a standardized, integrated and collaborative approach’ met all required criteria for acceptance as a Leading Practice.


The next regular Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors Meeting is planned for Tuesday, January 22, 2019 – Regional Office - La Broquerie, MB. For more information, please visit Board Meetings.

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