Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors October Meeting Highlights

Sacred Moment
Ms. Debbie Iverson shared the story of an Indigenous mother (Chrissy Slater) and her daughter (Ariel Spence) who started a family business (Red Road Clothing) through the art and stories inspired from Ariel’s year-long experience of participating in a traditional womanhood ceremony during which she refrained from eating berries or receiving anything new:

Through this inspiring story, the Board reflected on the many opportunities Board Members have to speak positively into the lives of people and to encourage them in their endeavours e.g. Southern Health-Santé Sud‘s Indigenous Health High School and Adult Internship graduations.

Financial & Planning
The Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors approved the report of Statement of Operations and Financial Position, as presented by the Southern Health-Santé Sud CEO/VP - Finance & Planning, for the period to September 30, 2018, which indicates a Year-to-Date Operating surplus of $3,989,048.  It was noted that the current year-end surplus resulted from adjustments made following receipt of the funding letter; therefore, the surplus had not been projected.

Upcoming Annual General Meetings

  • East Borderland Community Housing, Tuesday, Nov 6 at 7:00pm at Ross L Gray School, Sprague
  • Rock Lake Health District (204-873-2132), Wednesday, Nov 14 at 7:30pm at the Friendship Centre, Crystal City

The next regular Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors Meeting is planned for Tuesday, November 27, 2018 at La Broquerie, MB. For more information, please visit Board Meetings.

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