Southern Health-Santé Sud Board of Directors September 2017 Meeting Highlights

Sacred Moment:  Ms. Pat Brennan led the Board in an exercise that highlighted the various stages of communication and how everyone interprets information differently. The illustration underlined the importance of delivering a clear message, for example, sharing context and intent, providing as much detail as possible and initiating a two‐way dialogue, ensuring the direction of the message and its final outcome has been interpreted and understood correctly. People want to ‘get it right’ and become frustrated when something has been misinterpreted; a fear of judgement can create a tendency to copy someone else rather than checking the source.

Financial: The Southern Health‐Santé Sud Board of Directors approved the report of Statement of Operations and Financial Position, as presented by the Southern Health‐Santé Sud CEO, Jane Curtis, and Ryan Green, Chief Finance Officer, for the period to August 31, 2017, indicating a Year‐to‐Date Operating surplus of $2 262 828.

2016/17 Annual Report: The Southern Health‐Santé Sud Board of Directors approved its 2016/17 Annual Report. In accordance with The Regional Health Authorities Act, the 2016‐2017 Annual Report is submitted to Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living. For more details, the public is invited to view the Annual Report online by clicking here.

Manitoba Centre for Health Policy – Evidence to Action Workshop:  Board Members shared that many groups were represented at the workshop, which reflects the importance of sectors working together. The richness of the data gathered by Manitoba Centre for Health Policy is a credit to Manitoba and extremely valuable to decision‐making at all levels and across all sectors.

The next regular Southern Health‐Santé Sud Board of Directors Meeting is planned for Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at the Southport Regional Office – Southport, MB. For more information, please visit the Board Meetings website page.

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