Travel in Good Health!

Travel in good health

International travel (including tourist resorts) exposes Canadians to many infectious diseases.

Travel immunizations and health precautions provide valuable protection for Canadians who wish to travel in good health. In fact, some countries by law require vaccinations for entry.

It is recommended that you book your first appointment at a Travel Health Clinic at least two months prior to departure. Some immunizations require boosters be given over several weeks to be effective. Our team of travel health nurses have professional training and in-depth knowledge on the health risks for people traveling overseas. They will ask questions about your:

  • general health
  • previous immunizations
  • destination and purpose of travel
  • length of stay
  • planned activities
  • accommodation and mode of travel
  • food and water sources

A personal travel health plan will then be developed for you. The plan recommends immunizations (available on site), with information on personal safety, traveler’s diarrhea, malaria prevention and other diseases found at your travel destination.

Who should visit a travel health clinic?

Everyone traveling for:

  • vacation
  • resort travel
  • working abroad
  • studying abroad
  • visiting friends & family
  • volunteering/mission work


Travel health advice and most immunizations are not insured by Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living. Individuals are responsible for full payment of services at each appointment.

Click here for a complete listing of Travel Health Clinics in Southern Health-Santé Sud.

Additional resources available to you:

Public Health Agency of Canada
Government of Canada
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA)

Southern Health-Santé Sud is a member of the Manitoba Travel Network