How a Social Worker can Help

Have you ever wondered if and why you should see a social worker?  

social worker

The first thing I would say is that there is no reason you “should” see a social worker. The term “should” is something that I try not to use. Far too often we tell ourselves, we should… get over it, lose weight, eat better, be able to deal with it, make more money, spend less money, be more healthy, exercise more, be kinder, save more… and so on. All of these statements have the opposite effect of saying we are not okay and that there is something more we need to do. This process overlooks the resilience and strength that each of us have. Saying that we “should” also neglects the fact that sometimes we are simply overwhelmed. 

As a social worker, it is my belief that you are good enough and that you have the strength and ability to help yourself, if that is what you choose. You have made it this far and there are skills you have learned along the way to cope with life’s difficulties. That being said, there are many times in life where even though we might have the skill to overcome the next social, emotional, financial or educational barrier, the steps and process to do so elude us. 

This is where a social worker can help.

The Manitoba College of Social Workers indicates that “social work is a profession dedicated to helping individuals, families, groups and communities enhance their individual and collective well-being.” Human rights and social justice are at the core of the profession and we recognize that not everyone has equal access to resources and support. Social workers strive to enhance equality and equity of access for all community members.

When we experience struggles in our lives, either as individuals or as communities, it affects our well-being. In these situations, social workers can use their skills and knowledge to empower you and to help identify what the root cause is, in order to create strategies to overcome the struggle. Whether dealing with the loss of a loved one, altered health, finances, education, employment, relationships, job loss or mental health, social workers strive to empower you so that you can live a full life. Speak to your local health provider for more information on where and how to access this support.

Written by Giles Ringer – Social Worker in Morden/Winkler