Declaration of Patient Values

Southern Health-Santé Sud is committed to improving the patient experience for everyone. As an organization, we depend on patients to partner with us to achieve this goal. The Declaration of Patient Values is a result of various community engagement activities where patients and members of the public selected the following values and actions. These values complement Southern Health-Santé Sud’s core values of

Uncompromising Integrity, Pursuit of Excellence, Respect for all, Healing Compassion and Purposeful Innovation.

family of 5 sitting on grass

Access to Care & Support means:

  • when I am sick or in pain, I am not kept waiting too long for services
  • I am provided with information and options so I can make the best decision for me
  • my family and support system are partners in my care

Safety means:

  • when the stakes are high, there are processes or tools in place for double-checking
  • appropriate and necessary equipment is available for safe care
  • my care providers ensure that I understand what they tell me

Trust means:

  • my care providers are open and honest with me about what lies ahead
  • respectful and empathetic communication
  • I am listened to and my concerns are taken seriously

Continuity of Care & Transitions means:

  • I know what my next steps are when I leave an appointment
  • when my health issue is not resolved, don’t give up on me - help me find other alternatives
  • I’m not forgotten when I transition into another provider’s care

If you feel like your patient values aren’t being acknowledged, please contact the Manager in your community for further assistance.