When one is ill, when old age sets in and faculties diminish, one returns naturally to the things that are most natural to us:  our language, our traditions, our cultural habits. (Maurice A. Gauthier)

Southern Health-Santé Sud’s Francophone residents have a deep connection to their language and culture and the experience of health and well-being is closely linked to having opportunities to live "healthily" in French.

Mandated by the Province as a designated bilingual regional health authority, Southern Health-Santé Sud makes it a priority to provide bilingual health care services (English and French) within, but not limited to, designated bilingual areas of its region. We do this through Active Offer of services in French to the public. In other words, it means informing the client, at the first point of contact that services are available to you in both official languages, and striving to follow through throughout your health care experience.

We are committed to continue engaging in conversations and fostering in partnerships - building on our past progress with a focus to persist in the discovery of new opportunities.

Coaster green

Look for this symbol where services are offered in both English and French.