Be Wise: Immunize!

Immunizations (or vaccines) help the immune system learn how to recognize and fight the germs that cause diseases. Immunizations help protect kids and adults against serious diseases and are known to be very safe.

Manitoba’s routine immunization schedule includes the following, acknowledging that a different schedule may be needed for high-risk individuals, individuals NOT previously immunized or if one or more doses of a vaccine are missed.

Request for Immunization Record

EChart Manitoba Services can provide you a copy of your immunization records. Access the Request to Access Personal Health Information in eChart Manitoba or call your local Public Health office.

Submitting an Immunization Record

If you received immunizations in another province or outside of Canada, they are not automatically added to your record in Manitoba. Please submit a copy of your immunization records to Manitoba Health so they can be added to your immunization record or call your local Public Health Office.