Communities Making a Difference: Learning from Each Other is a virtual conference with a share and learn format, that provides a forum for people to exchange information about what keeps our community healthy. The goal is to strengthen collective efforts that promote health across our Southern Health-Santé Sud region.

May 9, 2024 | 9:00 am - 12:30 pm


Welcome from Southern Health-Santé Sud CEO - Jane Curtis

Opening prayer by Darryl Taylor

Middle aged man smilingKeynote:  Dr. Chúk Odenigbo will outline the diverse ways communities have historically understood and perceived health while unpacking the impact of colonisation on unjust health differences. He will explore the concept of identity and its relationship with health, the idea of collective liberation and how learning from one another benefits community health, and leads to health for all.

Dr. Chúk Odenigbo (PhD) is the Consulting Director of Impact Evaluation at the Tamarack Institute Learning Centre. Proudly Franco-Albertan, Chúk is passionate about the ways in which the environment impacts human health and the role of justice in our understanding of how our societies function. As a result of this passion, Chúk is very active in changemaking spaces in both Canada and at an international scale. His educational background centres the domains of environment science, chemistry, public health and medical geography. His career has focused on environmental and climate justice and outside formal work settings, he is involved in several boards, committees, conferences and movements to reimagine and recreate societal structures and systems for the well-being of all of our kin. Human and non-human.    

Community stories from across the region will be featured, with time for discussion. These stories are from Healthy Together Now grant projects that were created by community members across Southern Health-Santé Sud. We invited these communities to highlight their projects as they focused on inclusivity and health equity. We wanted to create an opportunity for communities to learn from each other and spark creativity.

  1. Wancha Chanku, Otakiya (One Path, Many Ways) with Lorna Knight from Portage la Prairie
  2. Intermingle with Armande Leclair and Aurèle Boisvert from Ste. Anne
  3. Connecting Face to Face Reconciliation in Action with Dorothy Braun and Erika Enns Rodine from Altona
  4. Mentors Making Memories with Diane Cohoe from Carman
  5. Love My Community Day with Jennifer Collette from Dominion City


Deadline for registration:  May 7, 2024

Note:  MS Teams link to conference will be sent upon registration