Patient & Public Engagement Opportunities

Health organizations across Manitoba are working hard to build a health care system that meets the needs of the patients and families we serve. We believe that we need to build a health care system with the people we serve to ensure that the needs and preferences of patients and their families are at the centre of all care.

Patient and public engagement is one way to express a commitment to patient and family-centred care. Patient and public engagement refers to opportunities where patients, families and members of the public are encouraged to be active members in all levels of the health system: in their own clinical care and self-management, as well as providing input into decisions that shape health programs, policies, evaluation and research.

elderly women with a cup of teaHow can you get involved?

We have several engagement opportunities based on your area of interest, lived experience and availability. Some examples include:

For more information about these opportunities or others, contact the Regional Manager - Planning & Engagement at 204-326-6411 (ext. 2218) or by email.

To apply or to express your interest in any of the opportunities above, please complete the following application form.