Values, Vision, Mission & Strategic Priorities

Together our Values, Vision and Mission are constant and weave a picture of Southern Health-Santé Sud’s aspiration for the future. They define our identity as an organization and guide the decisions, behaviours and attitudes for which we are all accountable.

Core Values – what we stand for

Core values are what we believe at a deep level and can be applied everywhere, all the time, influencing what we do, why we do it and how we do it.

Uncompromising Integrity. We build trust through accountability, authenticity and responsiveness in everything we do.

Healing Compassion. We empower hope for the whole person, being there along the journey with kindness, generosity, and empathy for another's reality.

Pursuit of Excellence. We put forth our personal and professional best in our commitment to the highest standards of safety, quality, and service.

Respect for all. We commit to inclusion and equity, and embrace diversity of culture, traditions, identity, ability and thought.

Purposeful Innovation. We courageously create new opportunities and collaboratively generate solutions for a sustainable future.

Vision – what we aim for

This is the vision – our preferred future or ideal hope. It is our vision of what success will look like.

Healthier people. Healthier communities. Thriving together.

Mission – what do we do

Partnering with our communities, we provide safe, accessible and sustainable people-centred health care.

Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities are four broadly defined long-range goals indicating intended future outcomes of the organization.

  • A Positive Experience
    • A focus on quality health services
    • Improved health system performance
  • A Healthy, Empowered and Thriving Workforce
  • Intentional Community Engagement
  • Sustainable Health Services

Finally, the objectives outline the key issues to be addressed in developing action plans and operational strategies for the next year, as well as guiding the organization for several years thereafter.

Together, these basic elements of our Strategic Health Plan provide direction in the pursuit of our commitment to you in achieving our purpose, with uncompromising integrity, healing compassion, pursuit of excellence, respect for all and purposeful innovation.