This section provides answers to some frequently-asked administrative questions we receive.  If you have other questions or need information or direction, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received an invoice from Southern Health-Santé Sud. What are my payment options?

 Options for method of payment include:

  • Mail a cheque to:

Southern Health-Santé Sud
Box 470
La Broquerie MB R0A 0W0

  • By telephone during business hours - Visa/Mastercard 204-424-5880

Southern Health-Santé Sud
Box 470
La Broquerie MB R0A 0W0

  • Electronic Transfer through the following financial institutions
    • Bank of Montreal
    • Central 1 Credit Union
    • CIBC
    • Royal Bank
    • Scotia Bank
    • TD Canada Trust

 Other options are also available within Southern Health-Santé Sud facilities.


Accounts Receivable
T 204-424-5880
F 204-424-9117


How does Southern Health-Santé Sud plan for disasters such as fires, tornados, etc. and who is the main contact for planning purposes?

A disaster is defined as an event, especially one that occurs suddenly and causes or has the potential to cause great loss of life, damage, or hardship. Disaster management planning does not decrease or eliminate the threats, but focuses on plans to decrease the effects of disasters. Southern Health-Santé Sud recognizes the importance of working with communities to develop plans, ensuring that risks are minimized in managing disasters. Plans are regularly updated and practiced so that staff are prepared if they ever have to deal with a real-life disaster. For more information, contact the Emergency Preparedness Specialist by email or phone 204-712-6009