Are You an Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN) looking to become Credentialed in Manitoba?

General Eligibility for IENs, include:

  • Must be a Manitoba Resident
  • Must be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen
  • Must provide proof of international nursing diploma/degree
  • Must provide proof of recent language assessment showing Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) level's of at least 7 or higher

Please identify within your application that you are part of Southern Health-Santé Sud.

Apply to the Province of Manitoba IENs Program to begin the process of obtaining licensure today. Financial support may be available.

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International Medical Graduates (Physicians)

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) require an assessment and/or additional training to practice medicine in Manitoba. The Manitoba Healthcare Providers Network outlines the different pathways to licensure in Manitoba for IMGs. The University of Manitoba also provides details on accessible programs that enable IMGs to practice medicine in under-serviced areas in Manitoba. Visit the University of Manitoba International Medical Graduate Program, for more information.

International Applicants

Qualified international applicants are encouraged to join the Southern Health-Santé Sud team. Eligibility for employment depends on your occupational group, qualifications and current citizenship per Immigration Canada and the Human Resources Skills Development Canada. Below is basic information to help potential applicants understand the process involved when immigrating to Canada.


To work for Southern Health-Santé Sud, you require legal status to work in Canada (work permit; work Visa, or permanent residency status).

Legal Status

Different types of legal status exist. Most international applicants follow the Sponsored Work Permit process, which requires applicants to have relevant qualifications and registration status with the applicable Canadian or Provincial licensing body for your profession. Once this permit is obtained, applicants may apply for positions within Southern Health-Santé Sud. If you apply and are chosen to be the successful candidate, you will be requested to sign and submit a Letter of Offer. We then proceed with contacting Human Resources and Skills Development Canada to obtain Visa approval through a Labour Market Impact Assessment letter. Once approved, the letter is sent to you and, in turn, you submit it with your Visa application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

After you submit your application to the Canadian Consulate/Embassy, you will be given information regarding a medical examination and a list of designated medical practitioners. An Immigration Medical is required for all individuals on work permits who will be working in health care to ensure patient safety. The medical report is sent to Citizenship and Immigration Canada medical authorities in Ottawa. This process can take up to three months.

Your spouse will be eligible to apply for an open work permit as your dependent. Children under the age of 18 should be listed as dependents and will be able to accompany you to Canada.  

Permanent Residency Status through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is a government immigration program that selects skilled workers who demonstrate they have the potential and the desire to immigrate and settle themselves and their families in the province of Manitoba. In summary, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program accepts applications from skilled workers who can make a positive contribution to Manitoba's economy and society as permanent residents. This requires:

  • education and training
  • work experience
  • enough knowledge of English or French to start a job soon after arrival
  • a connection to Manitoba (for example, friends or family or current employment)
  • settlement supports (enough money to maintain yourself and your family while you are becoming established)
  • an intention to settle permanently in Manitoba

For more information, visit the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.