eagle feather, sweet grass and other indigenous toolkit itemsSouthern Health-Santé Sud recognizes and respects that Indigenous peoples bring unique cultural norms and traditions as well as distinctive values and beliefs about health, illness and treatment. In doing so, we are inclusive and reflective of Indigenous cultural traditions, values and beliefs throughout our programs and services. As part of its commitment to achieving cultural competency, our region ongoingly provides cultural awareness workshops to increase knowledge and understanding. We believe that cultural competency is achieved through learning about different cultures and different world views, building stronger relationships.

Addressing one of the 94 Recommendations or Calls to Action found in the Truth and Reconciliation report, this workshop also addresses the recommendations in the Brian Sinclair Inquest, providing workforce education on Indigenous culture and safety. The objectives of the workshop are to help understand the significance of the Medicine Wheel, Indigenous values and traditions and to understand and realize the impact of Indian policies, practices, and residential school on today’s workplace and society.