Quality and patient safety filters through everything we do

Building upon our core values of integrity, compassion, excellence and respect, Southern Health-Santé Sud’s Board of Directors is committed to fostering and supporting a culture of quality and safety within the region. With our quality framework, we purposefully measure and monitor performance on standards and best practices for safe, quality care and service delivery with meaningful reporting and valid information. We also seek opportunities to relate and engage with all health care providers and partners in exploring improved ways of providing sustainable, safe and integrated client centred health care. We support a learning environment that promotes innovation and the development of quality improvement competency, skills and processes in the region.

The outcome of this commitment is to provide you with quality care, transparency, and a greater awareness of patient safety and quality you deserve.

It’s Safe to Ask

Southern Health-Santé Sud encourages families to request the information they need in order to become active participants in their care. Please don’t hesitate to ask your health care provider questions when things are unclear or if you question a possible critical incident. Knowledge is critical to quality health care and improved health outcomes.

Share Your Health Experience

You are an active participant in your health care and health care decision-making and we value your feedback. If for any reason you have concerns or wish to share positives about your experience, you are encouraged to talk to your health care provider. If you still have more to share and would like to speak with someone, contact us at 800-742-6509 or email us.