If your child experiences any of the following health conditions that require intervention while attending school and/or child care centre, they are eligible for Unified Referral Intake System (URIS) program. These include:

child's face

  • life-threatening allergy
  • asthma
  • seizure disorders
  • diabetes
  • cardiac conditions
  • bleeding disorders
  • steroid dependence
  • gastrostomy care
  • ostomy care
  • clean intermittent catheterization
  • pre-set oxygen
  • suctioning (oral or nasal)

The Unified Referral Intake System (URIS) is a program developed to support children who have designated health care needs when attending a school or licensed child care centre.

Through URIS, a registered nurse will work with you, your child, physician, school and/or child care centre to develop individual health care and emergency health care plans as well as to train and monitor staff that care for your child while they attend school and/or child care centre. Applications and assessments are completed annually to ensure information and care plans are up to date.

To apply, contact your school, child care centre or public health office after which a registered nurse will be in touch to assist you in creating an individualized plan to meet your child’s needs.