Harm reduction aims to keep people safer by helping to reduce the risk of harm to themselves, their families and the broader community. Harm reduction promotes health for the individual and advocates for policy level changes.

Harm reduction is a way of providing safe and inclusive care to people who use drugs, using a non-judgemental, evidence-informed approach. Harm reduction focuses on reducing the adverse health, social, and economic consequences of using drugs without the condition or expectation of reducing drug use to access support or services.

Southern Health-Santé Sud works to reduce harms associated with sexuality, and drug use, and strives to provide services without creating undue barriers.

Southern Health-Santé Sud provides the following:

  • Safer sex supplies – condoms, sex dams, gloves, water-based lubricant
  • Safer injection supplies
  • Safer smoking/inhalation supplies
  • Education on overdose prevention & response, and free Take-Home Naloxone Kits
  • Connection to other health and social services

To find where harm reduction supplies are available nearest you,