Health provider with senior in pchWhile Southern Health-Santé Sud believes the best quality of life is achieved by remaining in one’s own home environment for as long as possible, the transition to a personal care home is sometimes necessary for adults who can no longer live safely or independently at home.

There are 22 personal care homes in our region, providing many options where you or your loved one will have access to personal and nursing care services based on your care needs.

Our resident-centred philosophy ripples across our vast geography and intends to support residents’ choices, help people function at their highest level and provide the best quality of life possible in a home-like environment.

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Personal Care Homes

Eastview Place

Altona, MB | T 204-324-6411 | F 204-324-8450

Boyne Lodge Personal Care Home

Carman, MB | T 204-745-6715 | F 204-745-6152

Emerson Health Centre - Personal Care Home

Emerson, MB | T 204-373-2109 | F 204-373-2748

Third Crossing Manor

Gladstone, MB | T 204-385-2474 | F 204-385-2163

Menno Home for the Aged

Grunthal, MB | T 204-434-6496 | F 204-434-9131

Tabor Home Inc.

Morden, MB | T 204-822-4848 | F 204-822-5289

Red River Valley Lodge

Morris, MB | T 204-746-2394 | F 204-746-2123

Heritage Life Personal Care Home

Niverville, MB | T 204-388-2181 | F 204-388-7316

Foyer Notre-Dame

Notre Dame de Lourdes, MB | T 204-248-2092 | F 204-248-2499

Prairie View Lodge

Pilot Mound, MB | T 204-825-2717 | F 204-825-2321

Douglas Campbell Lodge

Portage la Prairie, MB | T 204-239-6006 | F 204-239-0055

Lions Prairie Manor

Portage la Prairie, MB | T 204-857-7864 | F 204-857-8207

Repos Jolys

St. Pierre-Jolys, MB | T 204-433-7443 | F 204-433-3346

Villa Youville Inc.

Ste. Anne, MB | T 204-422-5624 | F 204-422-5842

Bethesda Place

Steinbach, MB | T 204-326-6411 | F 204-326-6479

Rest Haven Care Home

Steinbach, MB | T 204-326-2206 | F 204-326-3521

Vita & District Personal Care Home

Vita, MB | T 204-425-3325 | F 204-425-3093

Salem Home Inc.

Winkler, MB | T 204-325-4316 | F 204-325-5442


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