Personal care services assist people who can no longer remain safely at home because of a disability or their health care needs. The cost of these services is shared by the provincial government and the resident who needs the services. Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living pays the majority of the cost through the regional health authorities. The resident pays the other portion of the cost. This cost is a daily charge based on income.

Who Can Move Into a Personal Care Home (PCH)?

In order to be eligible to reside in a Manitoba personal care home and to receive financial benefits towards monthly rent which includes meals, activities, personal care, care, and other services, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident as defined in The Immigration Act (Canada) who:

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  • has been a resident of Manitoba for 30 years or more
  • has been a resident of Manitoba, left the province, and returned after an absence of less than 10 years, re-establishing yourself as a resident of Manitoba; or
  • has been a resident of another province or territory for five (5) consecutive years, and have moved to Manitoba and immediately established yourself as a resident of Manitoba

If you are not a Canadian citizen or do not meet either one of the above qualifications, then you must have been a resident of Manitoba for 24 consecutive months before receiving any financial benefits. In special circumstances, these residency requirements can be waived.

Daily Fee Once You Are Panelled for Admission to a PCH

Once you move into the personal care home, you will be charged the daily fee based on your income, and as determined by Manitoba Health.

If you are currently in the hospital and are approved for admission by the panel, you will be charged the daily fee based on your income, and as determined by Manitoba Health.

The same fee structure is applied to all personal care homes in Manitoba. To establish your daily fee, the health facility will require your Notice of Assessment from the previous taxation year. If you cannot find your “Notice of Assessment”, please contact the Canada Revenue Agency 800-959-8281.

Calculating your Daily Fee

The Guide to Services and Charges in Manitoba explains how service charges are determined in Manitoba. Additionally, you may wish to reference provincial tax forms as well as the residential charge calculator to help estimate your daily fee and prepare financial information.

If you and your spouse move into a personal care home, the daily fee is based on the combined income.

Financial Assistance

There may be assistance options available to you via Service Canada 800-277-9914 including:

  • Old Age Security Payment: ensure you have your and your spouse’s Social Insurance Numbers and Notice of Assessment for the last taxation year available as you may be required to provide these; advise that your spouse is being panelled for admission to a personal care home and you are physically separated because of ill health (also called ‘Involuntary Separation’).
  • If you and your spouse are receiving Guaranteed Income Supplement and are living apart due to one of you living in a personal care home or in a health centre awaiting placement, it may be advantageous to be considered as a single person for Guaranteed Income Supplement purposes. For further information contact the personal care home business office, social worker or management staff or Service Canada.