Adults should receive tetanus and pertussis immunizations every 10 years (offered in the form of Tdap vaccine)

  • Travel and occupation also affect when and what types of immunizations are needed. These are specialty areas and may incur a cost to the client. Book an appointment at a Travel Health Clinic near you for more information.
  • Adults are also eligible for certain vaccines free-of-charge when they meet Manitoba Health’s criteria for ‘high risk guidelines’ which include those who have high-risk medical conditions and/or those who are at risk for certain infections

Woman blowing her nose in tissueEvery fall… remember that influenza immunization clinics are held in communities across Southern Health-Santé Sud. In addition to the Influenza Vaccine, people over 65 years of age and people who are at increased risk of pneumococcal infection should get immunized with the Pneumococcal Vaccine.

For more information on immunizations, talk to your doctor, public health nurse or call Health Links-Info Santé 888-315-9257.