Community Health Assessment 2019Understanding the health needs and assets of the people that live in Southern Health-Santé Sud is critical to effectively planning programs and services. Access to local health data supports planning for policies and programs that are responsive to communities' unique needs that will most benefit their residents.  

In Manitoba, this understanding is gained through legislated Community Health Assessments (CHAs). The current CHA marks the fifth cycle of CHA in Manitoba, and the second report for Southern Health-Santé Sud.

Using a population health approach, CHAs provide baseline information about the health status, determinants of health, and health system utilization of community residents. The CHA also tracks health outcomes over time, identifies opportunities for health promotion and disease prevention and describes the conditions that contribute to health disparities.

District summaries picAccess to local health data supports planning responsive to communities’ unique needs that will most benefit residents. Here, you will find summaries of the most relevant and significant information from the 2019 Community Health Assessment for all 23 districts in Southern Health-Santé Sud.

Population Statistics Report

The population data shown in the Population Statistics Report are based on records of residents registered with Manitoba Health as of June 1st, every year and published by Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living. This population database is considered a reliable and accurate estimate of population sizes and is helpful for understanding trends and useful for health planning purposes. The Indigenous population has also been updated annually by Indigenous Health with the great help of Band Membership clerks.