Call to Action - November, 24, 2020 - Respirator / N95 Mask Fit Testing

Respirator / N95 Mask Fit Testing

The demand for Respirator / N95 Mask Fit Testing has increased greatly due to the increased number of COVID-19 cases in the Region.    We are working on a process to get testing to your site/facility.  We currently have three (3) sets of equipment in the region and are presently expanding our resources to have them up and running to their capacity.  Also, there is a provincial initiative to increase fit testing, specifically within Long Term Care and in the Region.

We are coordinating with site/program contacts and arranging the dates, fit testers and equipment to attend your location.  In order to effectively coordinate, we need to have staff prioritized for N95 testing based on Shared Health (guidance) to determine the amount of time required for testing at your site.

Sites/facilities/programs will need to have an on-site contact to arrange fit testing accordingly, i.e. room/posters, and a contact for staff to call to schedule appointments.

A list of dates and sites will be added to the HPS for the Respirator / N95 Mask Fit Testing located here.   Keep checking for updates, however, note your site/facility will be contacted prior to setting up Respirator/N95 Mask Fit Testing.

Directors of Health Services and Program Directors (or delegates) prepare for fit testing by prioritizing staff and determining who will be the on-site contact.


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