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Please ensure that you remain informed by reviewing all information that is shared and implement Calls to Actions as applicable. Click here for regional COVID-19 All-Staff Updates.

COVID-19 Rapid Test Training

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Call to Action - December 1, 2021 - Staff Booster Session: I Don't Want to Talk About it!

Call to Action - November 23, 2021 - COVID-19 Vaccine: Approval / guidance for children aged five to 11 years, Pfizer / Comirnaty Pediatric Vaccine Administration Education

Call to Action - November 17, 2021 - Education Session: COVID-19 Vaccine, IP&C COVID-19 High Risk Contact Management in Acute and Long Term Care Facilities & Dasheng Respirator Update

Call to Action - November 11, 2021 - Stay Vigilant, Wear PPE, Get your Booster (revised)

Call to Action - November 10, 2021 - Third Dose Reminder Poster, COVID-19 Vaccine Update: Expanded Third/Booster Dose 6 Month After Dose 2 Guidance, Revaccination with COVID-19 Vaccines after Anaphylaxis, Standard Operating Procedure - Disinfecting Silico

Call to Action - November 9, 2021 - COVID-19 Reminders - Stay Vigilant, Wear PPE, Get Your Booster

Call to Action - November 8, 2021 - COVID-19 Modified Contact Tracing Based on Vaccination Status

Call to Action - November 5, 2021 - COVID-19 Vaccine; Third / Booster Dose Update

Call to Action - November 4, 2021 - COVID-19 Vaccine: Important Program Updates

Call to Action - October 28, 2021 - COVID-19 Vaccination Status: External Partners, COVID-10 Vaccine: Booster/Third Dose Guidance and Expansion to Include Residents of Congregate Elderly Person Housing Sites

Call to Action - October 21, 2021 - First Nation People Eligible to Receive a Third Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

Call to Action - October 18, 2021 - COVID-19 Vaccination Status: Students/Clinical Placements, Change in Public Health Guidance: COVID-19 Recovered Status, Staff Booster Session: Hard Conversations: Talking about COVID-19 & Vaccines with Family and Friend

Call to Action - October 15, 2021 - Nasal Swab Rapid Test Posters, Holiday Decorating Guide

Call to Action - October 14, 2021 - COVID-19 Vaccine Medical Exemption Program

Call to Action - October 12, 2021 - Education for COVID-19 Rapid Swab Testing for Direct Care Workers