Current Resources for Health Providers

Please ensure that you remain informed by reviewing all information that is shared and implement Calls to Actions as applicable. 

Guidelines and Quick References Across Care Areas

Infection Prevention & Control Information (latest update: March 16/23)
Monoclonal Antibody and Antiviral Treatment Resources (latest update: January 18/23)
Obstetrical Care Information
Point of Entry Screening Resources (latest update: March 16/23)

Specialty Care Area Resources

Acute and Surgical Resources (latest update: March 16/23)
Personal Care Home/Transitional Care Centres Resources (latest update: March 16/23)
Public Health Resources (latest update: October 5/22)
COVID-19 Posters (latest update: September 28/22)
COVID-19 Vaccination Resources (latest update: February 24/23)

Resources for Staff Health and Safety

Resources for Managers

Supply Related