Your care is our priority.

When you stay in our health centres, we want you to feel safe and comfortable. We recognize that family support is important in your recovery and so your family is welcome during times most suitable to you.

health provider standing by a patient with other health providerDuring your stay, to help with your care plan, you may be asked health questions such as: past and current conditions, whether you have had surgery, what kind of medications or supplements you may be taking, if you have food or drug allergies, etc. If you do not understand or need more information, please do not hesitate to ask your care provider for clarification.

Preparing for your treatment plan is also of importance. Remember that if you have documented your wishes about the health care you want to receive during your stay or in the future, let your health provider know you have a health care directive or ask for information on advance care planning.

Whether you are staying in one of our health centres, coming in for a day test or procedure or visiting a loved one, we are pleased to help you and your access an array of amenities and services to support you in your health journey.

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