Sunset over a lakeAs the sun rises in Southern Health-Santé Sud located in the Canadian Prairies, it touches the lakes, rivers and farmlands stretching far across the eastern and western boundaries of south central Manitoba. Southern Health-Santé Sud includes a vast landscape ranging from the Pembina River and Valley including lush, fertile farmland to the Canadian Shield, boasting historic river waterways, beautiful lakes as well as unspoiled nature and pristine wilderness. This beautiful scenic backdrop balanced with a culturally rich population, paddling safaris, lively gatherings and festival fun make it the ideal place to live and work.  

There are countless reasons to join the Southern Health-Santé Sud team such as various career options, comprehensive employee benefits, continuing education/professional development opportunities, support for educational assistance as well as many programs and grants for students/graduates including medical students/residents. Embracing workforce equity and diversity, we welcome newcomers to the region including qualified international applicants who are encouraged to apply.  

Join us where you and your family will enjoy the benefits of a more balanced, affordable, relaxed and community-oriented lifestyle where you can thrive and succeed.