Pregant women holding her stomachPregnancy and Baby

The way you interact with your baby has a lasting impact on the development of the emotional and social parts of their brain. By being warm, loving, and responsive, you teach your baby healthy ways to learn, think, feel, and behave. In planning your healthy and safe pregnancy, we encourage you and your family to explore our Public Health-Healthy Living programs and services. Talk to a Public Health Nurse to learn about a range of topics including maternal changes, birthing options, labour and delivery, baby’s growth and development, post-partum support for families, immunizations and so much more.

Parenting Stages

Thinking about your health now gives your family the best chance to move towards the flourishing vision you have. Through public health nurses, you have access to various resources and supports such as Families First, Healthy Baby, Children’s Therapy Initiative.

The Public Health Nurse can link together with your family in some of the following ways:

Towards Flourishing

Southern Health-Santé Sud Public Health-Healthy Living envisions a flourishing mental health and well-being for you. We strive to do this by offering ways to well-being for individuals, families and communities to be healthy and thrive, feeling good about ourselves and about life.

Towards Flourishing is a provincial approach that our Public Health-Healthy Living staff incorporate into the services they offer. Topics for discussion and everyday strategies are offered as opportunities to flourish and promote positive feelings, thoughts, relationships with ourselves, others and how we see the world.

Other topics that might interest you: