Mother holding baby skin to skinPublic health nurses offer postpartum services to you and your family by providing:

  • a physical assessment of the birthing parent and newborn
  • support for coping with the emotional adjustment to parenting
  • information on breastfeeding, nutrition, safety in the home and other topics of interest
  • information about or referral to other services that could support you in your parenting journey
  • reassurance that you are on the right track

Emotional Support

Many expecting parents can experience a wide range of emotions, including 'baby blues'. Baby blues usually begins a few days after childbirth and improves within a couple of weeks. Sometimes parents feel continued anxiety and/or depression. If these feelings continue or worsen, you may be experiencing postpartum depression. If this is the case, there are many places to get help:

  • talk to your public health nurse, your doctor or your midwife
  • if you are having thoughts of harming yourself or your baby, or feeling that you can’t cope, please call:
    • 24-hour Crisis Service: 888-617-7715 or 204-326-9276
    • 24-hour Manitoba Suicide Line: 877-435-7170