Values, Vision, Mission & Board ENDs

Together our Values, Vision and Mission are constant and weave a picture of Southern Health-Santé Sud’s aspiration for the future. They define our identity as an organization and guide the decisions, behaviours and attitudes for which we are all accountable.

Core Values – what we stand for

VMVCore values are what we believe at a deep level and can be applied everywhere, all the time, influencing what we do, why we do it and how we do it.

Integrity defines us. It is the pillar to Southern Health-Santé Sud’s culture. We follow a moral, ethical and professional code of conduct that can be trusted and relied upon.

Compassion is natural in Southern Health-Santé Sud. On a daily basis, we challenge ourselves to ensure that the decisions we make are person-centred. We have empathy for those we provide services to and for those we work with.

At Southern Health-Santé Sud, excellence empowers us all to be visionaries. We all take responsibility and leadership to offer the highest levels of quality, competence and effectiveness.

In Southern Health-Santé Sud, respect for others and dignity of the individual is at the heart of everything we do. We are meeting people where they are at in this moment and in respecting that where they are related to a lot of other things.

Vision – what we aim for

This is the vision – our preferred future or ideal hope. It is our vision of what success will look like.

Together leading the way for a healthier tomorrow.

Mission – what do we do

Our mission is to support people and communities in achieving optimal health by providing innovative, sustainable and quality health services.

Board ENDs

Board ENDs are four broadly defined long-range goals indicating intended future outcomes of the health authority.

  • Healthy People and Healthy Environment
  • Accessible Health Services
  • Safe, People-centred, Quality Health Care
  • Sustainable Accountable and Responsive Health Organization

Finally, the Strategic Directions outline the key issues to be addressed in developing action plans and objectives for the next year, as well as guiding the organization for several years thereafter.

Together, these basic elements of our Strategic Health Plan provide direction in the pursuit of our commitment to you in achieving our purpose, with integrity, compassion, excellence and respect.