In Southern Health-Santé Sud, there is a variety of careers in health care ranging from medical doctors and nurses to Emergency Response Service providers all the way across a large range of choices including support services, administrative careers, Health Information Services and so much more! Educational requirements for this wide range of career choices vary as do qualifications and salary levels. Whether you have a high school diploma or a graduate level education, you may be surprised to find of the many different types of health care careers that might be available to you.

Young male doctor with arms crossedGet All the Facts

As with making any career choice, it is important that you get all the facts. To assist you with your decision-making, we are fortunate to partner with the Health Careers Manitoba and Santé en français - together providing you with wide range of health career information in one convenient place and helping you determine what exciting adventure in the health career field might be the best fit for you!

Career Options in Southern Health-Santé Sud

There are countless reasons to join the Southern Health-Santé Sud team such as various career options, comprehensive employee benefits, continuing education/professional development opportunities, support for educational assistance as well as many programs and grants for students/graduates including medical students/residents. Embracing workforce equity and diversity, we welcome newcomers to the region including qualified international applicants who are encouraged to apply.